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Where is Croaky? is the tale of a green tree frog as he looks for his friend in different environments including a down pipe, toilet cistern and pots and pans.

The illustrations include green tree frogs, a gecko, Rainbow lorikeet, Cairns Birdwing and Ulysses butterflies, a King Fisher and caterpillars as well as many tropical rainforest plants including the Licuala Palms.

Cassy from previous book, Cassy’s Tale, also makes an appearance.

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Eva-Marie Welsh was born in 1965 in Hamburg, Germany.  After finishing her degree in Management and Supervision in Hospitality, her adventurous spirit made her take the step to emigrate to Australia in 1989.

Eva lives with her four children in tropical Mission Beach in North Queensland, Australia.

As well as writing and illustrating children’s books, she volunteers for Rotary and the State Emergency Service. Her passion for people, animals and nature inspire her to write and illustrate books.

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